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It is important that you choose the course profile that meets your needs the best. That is why we have carefully detailed the differences between the three options. Choose the Basic option if you have little time but still want to learn the practical skills of TPRS. Does it help you to receive feedback when you practice skills? Then choose the PLUS-option. If you have more time available for study and would you like to distinguish yourself by contributing to the development of language education? Then the PRO-option is perfect for you.

You can also invite us to give the course at your school. Please ask for our special group rates.

If you have any questions after reading the information below, please download our study guide and do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you make the choice that is right for you.


  • You attend the kick-off (1 day) and five course days.
  • There are always two trainers present at the course days, ensuring personal attention and coaching for you at all times.
  • During the whole course you have unlimited access to the online learning environment, containing texts, videos, online resources and an interactive platform where you share ideas with your fellow students.
  • You choose whether you wish to profit from the advantages of peer support.
  • You may make up at any time for course daysyou have missed, paying only a small remuneration.
  • Home study: 4 hours a week during 6 months.
  • You receive a Certificate of Attendance, mentioning the course days you have attended, plus the peer support meetings you have participated in.

You invest € 1180,– in your professional development.

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Everything that is in the BASIC profile, plus:

  • You profit from the knowledge, experiences and insights of your fellow students during peer support meetings.
  • You intensify your practice of TPRS skills through video coaching in between the course days.
  • You may make up for any course days you have missed during the first course in line.
  • You receive a Certificate of Attendance mentioning all components of the course you have participated in.

You invest € 1620,– in your professional development. 

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Everything that is in the BASIC and PLUS profile, plus:

  • You deepen your understanding and practice ofTPRS skills with the constructive feedback you receive on your assignments and through video coaching in between the course days.
  • You are required to make up for any course days you have missed during the first course in line.
  • You increase engagement of your colleagues and administrators by doing an internship within your own school or institution.
  • You gain insight into your own development by assembling a portfolio.
  • In a video recording of your classes, you show your skills as a TPRS teacher.
  • You show your expertise in an area of TPRS by making a professional product, and thus contribute to the development of language education.
  • Your portfolio, video and professional product will be assessed not only by a TPRS Academy teacher trainer, but also by an external examiner.
  • You present your research project and professional product to your fellow students and an audience of experienced TPRS teachers.
  • Home study: generally around 15 hours a week during a year.
  • You receive an official Diploma. 

You invest € 1980,– in your personal and professional development.

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