About us

TPRS Academy has a passion for language education. We want to help teachers make their language classes more natural and compelling. We help teachers find a way to teach languages via conversations with their students an by sharing stories, so they can personalize their language education and relate it to the brain’s natural ability to learn languages.

Where do we come from?

TPRS Academy originated from both a personal passion for language education and storytelling, and from the
understanding that language acquisition can be a very enjoyable process. In November 2007, during a workshop by Von Ray, the TPRS® author’s son, Kirstin Plante experienced how entirely effortless, funny and stimulating a language class can be. In that same workshop she decided to completely change her language classes and to only teach via TPR Storytelling as of then.

Inspired by her colleague’s enthousiasm, Iris Maas decided to start working with TPRS as well, and it didn’t take long before they founded TPRS Nederland, a teacher training centre in TPRS. In eight years time, TPRS Nederland became the most important training institute for TPRS in Europe. The increasing international interest in becoming a license holder in order to impart the TPRS Teacher Training Course designed by TPRS Nederland led to a new framework and a new name: TPRS Academy.