Teacher training

Would you like to learn how to teach with stories and comprehensible input? Are you looking for a part-time academic teacher training in TPRS? You have found it!

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TPRS Academy is the first company world wide to offer long term academic teacher training courses for TPRS®. The course includes both TPRS teaching skills and essential background knowledge on brain-based learning and language acquisition theory.

In the TPRS teacher training you will learn how to enhance the students’ experience during your classes, and how to speak the target language nearly 100% while ensuring that your students understand everything you say. You will learn about the limitations and possibilities of the human brain, and how you can use these to your advantage. Practice providing the necessary repetitions to achieve fluency without loosing your students’ interest. You even learn how you can offer grammar in a brain-compatible way.

Share your passion for language with your students by creating funny, interesting or bizarre stories together, have conversations and read together in the beautiful language you teach them!

Practical application during the contact days:

In five contact days you learn:

  • how you make the target language comprehensible in such a way that you keep your students’ interest and that they start to communicate spontaneaously in the target language.
  • how you enhance the students’ participation by creating stories together.
  • how you turn reading in the target language into an interactive learning activity.
  • how you present grammar in a natural, brain-compatible way.
  • how you stimulate your students’ intrinsic motivation by turning them into the centre of your classes.

During the sixth contact day you will strengthen your knowledge and skills, and you will get the chance to meet other, more experienced, TPRS®-teachers. You will participate in workshops and coaching sessions, and of course your colleagues’ graduation presentations. Or, who knows: You just might be one of the presenters!

Background information and inspiration through our online e-learning platform

In between the contact days you will receive interesting background information via our digital e-learning platform, presented both in writing and audiovisually, with a lot of examples of TPRS-classes you might find inspirational for your own classes. Also, this learning environment offers you an easily accesible platform to share and exchange your questions, tips and ideas with your colleagues and trainers.

“The academic underpinning is something that I find really interesting. Every time, I cannot wait until we receive the next chapters of the reader.” 

Intensive personal coaching

Both during the contact days and in the course periods you will be coached in a motivating way. At the start of the teacher training, you will be assigned a personal coach, who gives you feedback on your homework assignments and progress. Our students always appreciate very much the detailed, positive and stimulating feedback on the video recordings of their own classes:

“I think it is very useful to receive written feedback that I can read over and over again. This really enhances my progress and performance.” 

For whom is this teacher training?

This professional development course is meant for:

  • language teachers with teaching credentials in secundary education;
  • students of a teacher training programme in languages;
  • ESL teachers and teachers in Modern Foreign Languages with verifiable experience in (private) language education;
  • language teachers in primary education who would like to apply TPRS in their classes.

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