TPRS in practice

When can you use TPRS®?

Not every teacher applies TPRS during the whole class. For all kinds of reasons, a lot of teachers choose to apply just certain TPRS-techniques, or to use TPRS for certain elements in the curriculum. Listen how these teachers go about it. Which way suits you best?

Can I combine TPRS with the textbook we use at our school?

Basically, there is no need for this, but it certainly is possible. In practice, this is being done quite frequently.
Again, if the goal is “language acquistion”, TPRS can provide everything needed to achieve this. Nevertheless, there are many teachers who combine TPRS with a textbook or another teaching method. Next to this section, TPRS-teachers explain how they go about it. Also read the article by Helen Hol en Barbara Hoevenaars about putting TPRS into practice in the Netherlands.